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To: non-Muslims

Posted on: 24/01/2009

Show me the existence of God
“There is an old school youth abroad, to return to the country. Until he was in the house to ask her parents to find a religious teacher, or any priest who may be only a question 3. Finally, the parents of young people get a chaplain.

Youth: You who? And whether it can answer the questions I?

Chaplain: I am the servant of God and with his permission I will answer your questions.

Youth: Are you sure? Meanwhile, Professor and many smart people who can not afford to answer my question.

Chaplain: I will be trying as far as my ability.

Youth: I have 3 questions: —

1. If God is there, show me the existence of God

2. What is called destiny

3. If Jesus was created from the fire entered to why the hell is made of fire, certainly not painful for the devil. For they have the same elements. What God did not think that far?

Suddenly Kyai is smack cheek with a hard youth earlier.

Youth (pain while holding): Why do you kick to me?

Chaplain: I’m not angry … spank my answer is the top 3 questions that you submit to me.

Youth: I really do not understand.

Chaplain: How do I blow it?

Youth: Of course I feel sick.

Chaplain: So you believe that the pain is there?

Youth: Yes!

Chaplain: show me the pain that existed!

Youth: I can not.
Chaplain: That answers the first question … we all feel the existence of God is able to see without wujudnya.

Chaplain: Do you dream last night will ditampar by me?

Youth: No.
Chaplain: Do you ever by terfikir will receive a spanking from me today?

Youth: No.

Chaplain: That’s called destiny.

Chaplain: what’s the hand I used to smack you?

Youth: Skin.

Chaplain: what’s your cheek?

Youth: Skin.

Chaplain: How do I blow it?

Youth: Pain Management.

Chaplain: Although the devil is made of fire and the Fire also made of fire, if God willed the Fire will be a painful place to the devil. “

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