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salam kwn2…!!today is the new year 4 umat ISLAM [1430 M]. So have u’all make a ‘hijrah’ wish wat u gona be 4 nowadays?? I means what u wana change after dis whole year? wana b a good muslim, son/daughter, student & etc.  we’all have to change. 4 d person who’r think they’re made many fault o ‘dosa’..hope all of u make ur ‘sembahyang taubat’. we’re all d same by ALLAH side. Allah will forgive us when we request it. ALLAH MAHA PEMAAF.

I’ve already praise the ‘akhir tahun hijrah’ & ‘awal tahun hijrah’ when i’ve prays. it really make my heart feel calm & happy when im ‘near’ with ALLAH & b’zikir ‘astagfirullah’, so insyaALLAH my sin is forgived. amin.

So below is my HIJRAH WISH 4 dis becoming ‘tahun hijrah’:
1. Always think of dead

2.Becoming a good muslim, [betul2x tutup aurat, sopan]
3.Become a good daughter[always help my mom in the kitchen]
4.Appreciate frenz who love me, care about me.
5.Always read islamic book

6.Always improve my thinking about ‘akhirat’ than ‘duniawi’
7.Bismillah in all manners & action

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