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hurm..u noe what?? actly im not fluent in my english language.  bdw, i hope by this new year, i’ll work hard to fluent my english language. i do love speaking but i’ve low self-esteem in making sentences. sometimes in a web portal, i do speaking but afraid if they’ll not understand my sentence because they’re all an international people like USA,UK etc. i want to fluent in speaking because nowadays, english is very important everywhere like when we apply scholarship, job, degree etc.  this makes me have to discipline myself to not disregard english language.

it’s true that i always get a high mark in english examination but i not showed that im good in speaking. all the answers are the broken english i’ve ever applied. im bad in describe it clearly. but at least i’ve completed it.

another consequences, i want to be good in cooking dishes of course by helping my mom cooking in the morning. until now, i think i already good in certain dishes but not in the advance dishes like curry mee, soto which is my favourite food & i think i will increase my weight if i always eat it.  even now, i love to eat a sweetened spray cream with fruits.

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hye kengkawan sumer…!!kali nie ako0 nk bagitau pkembgan ako0 skg…mcm artis plak kn. hurm bukn ape2 cume sje je nk luahkn ape yg ako0 rse wat skg…klu kowg x interest ske ati kowg la…ako0 xkesa pn=P nk tau lbih lanjut??jom…check dis out..!!(“,)

ako0 skg tgh odw amik lesen tpi blom lg..skg pn tgh blaja memandu dgn ayh ako0…sgt best bg ako0..!!for me it’z lyk a satisfaction to myself. it’z lyk a new knowledge for me..hurm skg nie ako0 agk riso0 utk amik ujian berkomputer mse amik lsen t. ako0 nie da la mudh nervous, anxiety disorder mmg thp gaban ye r.

nk tw sth??rito0 akk aq jdi photographer de. ako0 xtau npe dgn ako0 mse amik pix de tgh cium bakal mak mertua de ako0 plak gigil smpi pix yg ako0 amik pon hurm…kurg berkualiti…adush!! abes aq rse bersalah dgn akk ako0. de da pesan kat ako0 mse de cium tu amik tau, kasi cantik ye. utk bg ako0 amik pix tu de cium tgn bakal mak mertua de lama tpi mlg ye, oleh sebab ako0 nervous sgt jdi gambar tu goyg o xclear…adush3!!=(


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