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hurm..u noe what?? actly im not fluent in my english language.  bdw, i hope by this new year, i’ll work hard to fluent my english language. i do love speaking but i’ve low self-esteem in making sentences. sometimes in a web portal, i do speaking but afraid if they’ll not understand my sentence because they’re all an international people like USA,UK etc. i want to fluent in speaking because nowadays, english is very important everywhere like when we apply scholarship, job, degree etc.  this makes me have to discipline myself to not disregard english language.

it’s true that i always get a high mark in english examination but i not showed that im good in speaking. all the answers are the broken english i’ve ever applied. im bad in describe it clearly. but at least i’ve completed it.

another consequences, i want to be good in cooking dishes of course by helping my mom cooking in the morning. until now, i think i already good in certain dishes but not in the advance dishes like curry mee, soto which is my favourite food & i think i will increase my weight if i always eat it.  even now, i love to eat a sweetened spray cream with fruits.

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salam kwn2…!!today is the new year 4 umat ISLAM [1430 M]. So have u’all make a ‘hijrah’ wish wat u gona be 4 nowadays?? I means what u wana change after dis whole year? wana b a good muslim, son/daughter, student & etc.  we’all have to change. 4 d person who’r think they’re made many fault o ‘dosa’..hope all of u make ur ‘sembahyang taubat’. we’re all d same by ALLAH side. Allah will forgive us when we request it. ALLAH MAHA PEMAAF.

I’ve already praise the ‘akhir tahun hijrah’ & ‘awal tahun hijrah’ when i’ve prays. it really make my heart feel calm & happy when im ‘near’ with ALLAH & b’zikir ‘astagfirullah’, so insyaALLAH my sin is forgived. amin.

So below is my HIJRAH WISH 4 dis becoming ‘tahun hijrah’:
1. Always think of dead

2.Becoming a good muslim, [betul2x tutup aurat, sopan]
3.Become a good daughter[always help my mom in the kitchen]
4.Appreciate frenz who love me, care about me.
5.Always read islamic book

6.Always improve my thinking about ‘akhirat’ than ‘duniawi’
7.Bismillah in all manners & action

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